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Medical Marijuana Now Legal in Ohio

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     Yesterday officials announced that medical marijuana is now technically legal in the state of Ohio. This is surely great news for people that will benefit from this form of medication, however patients will still have a hard time getting it for sometime.      For the next month, Governor John Kasich and his team will be assebling an advisory committee to oversee any and all operations regarding Ohio's new medical marijuana law. After all of the members of the advisory committee are established, various state departments will begin writing rules and regulations for the cannabis testing facilities, dispensaries and...

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Natural Soy Candles Anyone?

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When we started Puffer Cloud, our goal was to bring you products and items to make your life more enjoyable, simpler and more relaxing. Not only do we sell amazing pipes, vaporizers and smoking accessories, we also sell aromatherapy products to help bring you to a state of pure bliss, calming your mind, body, spirit and soul. With that being said. We are proud to announce that we are releasing our very own line of all natural therapeutic soy candles. Over the weeks to come we will be slowly adding our lusciously scented candles ("Cloud Candles") to the Puffer Cloud lineup....

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Ditch Your Local Head Shop

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Unlike your local head shop, here at Puffer Cloud we actually care about you and your passion for awesome smoking supplies. Who doesn't love getting a fancy new pipe!? For some, it feels just like getting a new car! You find that super pretty, sparkly new water pipe with percolators going everywhere that you just can't live without and you can't wait to take it for a spin. The problem with your local shop (and even other online shops), is that they will charge an arm and a leg and the awkward zoned out guy behind the counter knows little...

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Welcome To Puffer Cloud!

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Welcome To Puffer Cloud!

Welcome to PufferCloud.com - The Online Smoke Shop! We always offer the best deals and of course free U.S. shipping on all of your smoking accessories. Here at Puffer Cloud we are dedicated to bringing you quality products and great prices on all your tobacco smoking accessories, glass artwork and novelty items! Spare yourself those awkward visits to those weird smoke shops and shop with privacy and confidence at Puffer Cloud! Proudly established in the beautiful state of Ohio.

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