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Amazing Vapes From VapeDynamics

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Our time at The Champs Trade Show a couple weeks back presented us with the opportunity to partner up with an innovative company based out of California called, VapeDynamics. These guys have truly created some of the best vaporizers that you can get your little hands on. We are carrying two of there newest vaporizers now at Puffer Cloud, the IO Wax Vaporizer Pen and the Laguna V2.0s Universal Vaporizer Pen. Both of these incredibly well built vaping devices are unique in there own way and deliver pure vapor right to your face!...Okay, well maybe not your face. But your lungs! The IO Wax Vaporizer Pen is a sleek, sexy and extremely portable wax/dab vaporizer pen and is the first ever vaporizer with a wickless ceramic donut coil. In addition to the IO wax pen joining the Puffer Cloud lineup, we are also introducing VapeDynamics Laguna V2.0s Vaporizer Pen! The Laguna is a universal vaporizer pen that will fulfill your dry herb/tobacco vaporizing needs, along with all of your wax and dab needs. These pens are built with the highest quality and the most advanced vaping technology and will provide pure vapor with absolutely no combustion.

VapeDynamics IO Wax Vaporizer Pen and VapeDynamics Laguna V2.0s Vaporizer Pen are available now at Puffer Cloud - The Online Smoke Shop


VapeDynamics - Puffer Cloud The Online Smoke Shop

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