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Back From Champs With New Goodies

Grav Labs Glass Hand Pipes Medicali Glass Ohio Smoke Shop VapeDynamics Vaporizers Water Pipes

     The Puffer Cloud team is back in Ohio after an exciting week of Champs Trade Show! We met so many amazing people and saw a lot of fantastic products. Over the next week or so we will be introducing new items and artists to the Puffer Cloud lineup. We have some very high quality and just downright cool vaporizers, water pipes and hand pipes coming from the prestigious Medicali Glass, Grav Labs Glass and VapeDynamics.
     We have been carrying Grav Labs Glass for sometime, but we are now expanding the list of products/items we offer, plus we are getting everything else back in stock, including the popular classic Grav Labs Steamroller!
     Our time in Denver Colorado presented us with the opportunity to partner up with both Medicali Glass and Vape Dynamics. Both from the state of California. Medicali is known to produce the highest quality glass pieces. Each and every piece is built with very strict quality control, luxury and affordability in mind. You won't go wrong with Medicali glass.
     New vapes from VapeDynamics will also be hitting the shelves of Puffer Cloud. Another California native, VapeDynamics is a leader in the newest and most innovative vaporizing technology. VapeDynamics IO wax vaporizer pen is made to be your go to device for wax/dabs and is now apart of the Puffer Cloud vape lineup, along with the Laguna V2.0S dry herb and wax vaporizer pen. Built to handle all of your dry herb vaping needs along with your wax/dab vaping needs.
     Keep an eye out for the new items to hit shelves! We are looking forward to showing you all of the new goodies from Medicali Glass, Grav Labs Glass and Vape Dynamics!


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