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Hollyweed Culprit Still In Hiding

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     It seems the sly stoner who changed the "Hollywood" sign earlier this week into a masterpiece that now proudly says, "Hollyweed", has hit the underground in an attempt to stay off the radar and avoid LAPD. Who by the way, have been quite interested in a little conversation with the artist who goes by the name of Zach Fernandez, aka "Jesushands". Rumor has it that Zack has already fled L.A. and doesn't plan to return anytime soon, as he fears that he will be arrested. The LAPD has been wrangling up Zach's friends and family to try to gain some insight on the whereabouts of Zach but haven’t gotten any solid information as of yet. At the moment, Zach is only facing a trespassing charge and he did agree to meet with LAPD earlier this week, but he never showed up.
     Even though Zach is being hunted down by the authorities for his Hollyweed artwork, he is receiving tons of support from the pot community. We're told Zack received a very generous gift from Tommy Chong and was given a pound of the good stuff! This will certainly allow him to hideout for a while.

Let's hear some thoughts on this. Comment below!

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