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Natural Soy Candles Here At Puffer Cloud

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     We are so happy to announce that we have finally released our very own line of natural soy candles called "Cloud Candles"! You can now get your hands on our first two luxurious therapeutic fragrances, "Lavender Kush" and "Vanilla Flicka Bean". Handmade and busting with the delicious smell of vanilla and the silky scent of velvety lavender. But why name them that? You may ask. Well because these aren't just your standered boring candles, no way! These are Cloud Candles and they are made to embrace the fun side of life while giving you a strong potent fragrance that is sure to leave you soothed and relaxed. Our Cloud Candles are handmade with 100% natural soy wax and will burn for hours upon hours.

     More decadent fragrances will be joining the Cloud Candle lineup soon. If you have any name suggestions for our awesome new candles let us know in the comments below!


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  • Rachel Bata on

    I Love a deep dark chocolate “cocoa bean” and maybe a hint of vanilla too!I would call this flavor “BROWNIE BAKED”

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