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VapeDynamics Cora Liquid & Oil Vape Pen Review

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We are happy to present the newest addition to the VapeDynamics family, the Cora! A sleek and slim vaporizer for all your eliquid and oil needs. Designed with a new threadless, magnetic, and ceramic "Pod" style cartridge tank, that allows you to effortlessly switch between your various oils and liquids. Simply pull one pod from the Cora vape pen, slide the new pod in and watch as it's pulled into place by the magnetic connection. The Puffer Cloud team has been test-driving the Cora for month's now and its quickly become a hit amongst everyone. It produces a nice hit with good flavor. The Cora is a great vape pen for any vaping level. I wouldn’t expect to be a cloud chaser with the Cora, however, its built-in 500mah battery can certainly produce some good clouds for its size. The Cora is extremely simple to use, just fill up your pod with some delicious eliquid or oil concentrate and slide the pod into place on at the top of the pen. Quickly press the power button five times to power on the Cora and then press and hold that same button while inhaling to start vaping. It’s as simple as that! Easy for anyone to pick up and use. Each pod will last for about five refills and then it's recommended that you use a new one. The Cora kit comes with everything you need to start (except oil/liquid), in the package you will get one liquid filling adapter to easily fill up your pods, one oil/liquid pod, a USB charging cable that uses the same magnetic connection technology as the pods, and of course the gorgeous Cora itself.

The Cora is a very solid vape with an elegant design that goes hand and hand with the technology and sophistication that VapeDynamics has packed into the device. You can grab your very own Cora, along with all of your additional Pods here at Puffer Cloud - The Online Smoke Shop!


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